Want The Best Beard Trimmer? Our Ultimate Selection (March 2017)

As any frequent reader will know, we are OBSESSED with both keeping our own beards looking pristine, but also in helping our fellow hairy gent look his very best.

Whether it be finding the best one for your needs, the optimum style that suits your face, or finding the elusive dream that is a soft and lady-friendly face, we are here to help.

We know you are busy and seeing as you are probably here to find out what the best beard trimmer is for your particular style, we have outlined the top 5 on our rankings in this table below.

Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 Beard TrimmerPhilips Norelco 9100$$$$4.9
philips norelco 7200Philips 7200$$$4.9
Philips Norelco 5100Philips Norelco BT5275/41 5100$$$4.8
Philips Norelco QT4014/42 BeardTrimmer 3500 Philips Norelco QT4070/41 7300 $$$4.6
Panasonic ER-GB40-SPanasonic ER-GB40-S$$$4.2
Conair iStubbleConair iStubble$$$4.2

Things to Look for in a Beard Trimmer

These are the most vital aspects of trimmers, and it’s what we will be grading each on:

  • Design – How it looks, feels and is shaped to fulfil your needs when it comes to a trimmer.
  • Battery life – We just love long batteries here. How are you supposed to remember to regularly charge? Long batteries and shorter recharge times are rewarded in our ranking system.
  • Value For Money – How much is this trimmer worth your hard-earned bucks, and are there better alternatives out there for your budget?
  • Cutting/Tugging – How do the blades cut, are there many settings, and what kind of tug do they give you, if any? A lot of this is determined by the power of the razor itself, and that’s why we go through these in detail. There is NOTHING worse than a tugging blade.
  • Maintenance – Clippers that save you time and energy are what we are all about here. You want to find a practical, washable product and models with detachable cutting heads are an added bonus. We’ll be going through these in detail.

Top 3 Best Beard Trimmers (2017) Reviews

If you check online for other resources on what’s the best in the world of electric razors, such as this one on Formsly, you will see that there is a lot of agreement across the board, albeit with slight differences. One of the primary concerns of a bushy connoisseur should be to obtain the most personalised shaver for them.

Beard trimmers, much like faces, come in all shapes, sizes, temperaments and quality. Purchasing the wrong one can set you back weeks or even months in your quest for the perfect style (although we’re confident that you’ve started that process yourself by allowing the hair to grow – GOOD JOB!).

Basically, we cannot over-emphasize the importance of finding a suitable electric trimmer (along with the best beard oil, best pre shave oil and the best beard balm). It will shape (pardon the pun) the next few months for your beautiful face.

Number One: Philips Norelco 9100

Philips Norelco 9100 Beard TrimmerAt the time of writing (March 2017), this is the finest facial hair trimmer that has been reviewed on this esteemed website. There is so many wonderful things to say about this razor, that we won’t say it all here. We will however point out it’s main features and great shit.

  • Look at how good it looks – come on! It is simply delicious.
  • It has a freaking LASER.
  • 90 minutes to charge for a full hour of battery – a bit better than the competition I’d say!
  • Guaranteed to give you the most defined shave out there with the laser function and the amazing blades.
  • Amazing blades you hear us say? Did we mention that they’re self-sharpening. Self. Sharpening.
  • Suction vacuum to clean up all of that delicious hair.

norelco 9100

We love this electric razor so bad. It’s the best there is, without spending a ridiculous amount (we’re actually working on a luxury razor page, but finding it tough to get our hands on the cream of the crop).

This laser is amazing though, guys. It kinda just appears when you need it for that extra bit of precision, and then easily goes away once you no longer need it. You need to veer the razor and line it up with the laser lines on your face. The trimmer then is in the correct place for sure, so you know that you are getting a precise read on the trim. This is great for avoiding mistakes, which can ruin a beard shave and mean you have to completely re-think how you can make up for the mistake.

I know that a few of you guys will think ‘laser’ and think ‘eh, not on my eyes and face bro!’, but actually Philips have you sorted. It has what they call a Class One Light (yeah, we dunno either), which essentially means that the light the laser emits is 100% safe to be shone in your eyes. The goal is obviously to NOT shine it in your eyes (if you have a beard by your eyes please consult the nearest doctor btw!), but if you accidentally do, then it’s no big deal really. You’ll be fine. It’s the same as any regular light.

Now we know that A LOT of you think that the Philips 7200 is better, and indeed some of our writers also think so, but overall in our in-house tests, this just pipped it.

Let’s just say that different writers sometimes have different opinions, but one thing is for sure – both are incredible but the 9100 (just) wins for us.

This is the trimmer that I personally use. Before I started reviewing trimmers, I had an older Wahl model. It was totally fine, but I’m pretty sure that I overcharged the batter, and it finally busted. That was the last time I was buying a ‘cheap’ trimmer, and I decided to invest a bit more in a quality one. I’ve found this to be a super cool gadget, and the length adjustments are so easy to work with. I also find this trimmer quite suitable for nose, eyebrow and ear trimming. If you think that spending this on a trimmer is too much, I’m afraid you probably won’t have a very good one anytime soon! I also find that the ladies love how defined a trim I can get from this trimmer.

Anyway, enough about me. This is the real deal.

Check out our full review here.

Number Two: Philips 7200

philips norelco 7200The 7200 is the newer addition of the 7300, which we absolutely LOVED back in 2015/16. This has significant upgrades, and that’s why it has pipped the 5100 to second place this time.

It has an INSANE intergrated vacuum system, meaning it will catch the vast majority of your hairs as they are trimmed. Imagine how little fuss this will lead to? It’s the best vacuum we have experienced on the market by a long way. The motor is super high-velocity and the fan is incredibly powerful.

The battery is pretty great. It has a lithium-ion battery, which is the best if you’re looking for a product with a lot of power. It therefore rarely, if ever (has yet to do so with us) tugs as it trims, and you will get approximately 80 mins of use (cordless) before it runs out of charge. This amount of time is pretty much unbeatable in the current market, and therefore you would be buying the product with longevity in battery life and power.

Another thing worth mentioning is the recharge time. Some trimmers can take hours upon hours to charge back up to full power. Thankfully, this is not the case with the 7200. It needs only ONE HOUR of charging time to get you right back to where you started – 80 minutes of cordless trimming. There’s also a handy display that tells you how charged up it is, and of course you can still use the trimmer as it’s being charged. It’s basically ready for you at all times.

The blades are self-sharpening (which any long-time readers of MMB will know that we love so much), and it has a new function entitled the LIFT AND TRIM setting. This essentially allows the trimmer to give a closer and more precise trim overall by lifting and guiding the head of the razor around the contours of the face. Neat.

That new feature mean that this trimmer is wonderful whether you have a short beard, stubble, or have a big bushy long beard. It will have no issues with any of those styles at all. What many trimmers lack is the ability to tackle different styles of facial hair. We’re delighted to say that this isn’t the case here.

The settings here are equally as impressive as what we have already detailed. There are in total twenty built-in settings for length. These range from 0.5mm to 10mm. It’s fair to say that you won’t be stuck for flexibility with a blade that can handle that magnitude of lengths. Aside from the length settings, there are precision combs on the trimmer at 3mm and 5mm. This is perfect for the final definition after the trim, or to trim a moustache that is proving tricky.

The self-sharpening blades are ridiculously convenient overall. They get rid of the need to change blades. This is a cost saving more than anything else, but also frees up more time. You basically won’t be wasting much time maintaining this trimmer once you have bought it.

We have talked a bit about the maintenance of the 7200 (there really isn’t much). The clean up after a trim is one of the most annoying parts of having a beard (we know – beards are awesome, but STILL it sucks to clean up). The vacuum and fan system will sort you out for most of the hairs anyway, as it is super powerful, and so you won’t really need to worry about stray hairs that much. Cleaning the razor is what would usually need to pay attention to in order for it to have a long shelf-life. Lucky for you, this is SO EASY. It simply involves putting the blades under running water to clean them thoroughly, and when you are done, you empty the vacuum chamber. COME ON. It also has a little brush that comes with it that can brush away any stray hairs on the blades themselves as you wash.

Philips, as you know are a very well respected and international brand, and so all of their trimmers have a warranty. This particular one comes with a 2 year warranty, which is great, but you will need to register the product on the Philips Norelco site. It’s www.norelco.com/register. This is definitely worth doing as it could save you money down the line if something unexpected and wrong were to happen to your trimmer.


  • It has the best grip on the market of any trimmer
  • The design is sleek, sexy, sophisticated and extremely functional
  • You won’t find better than the battery on the 7200
  • The blades are versatile, thorough and it doesn’t tug


  • Doesn’t have an adjustable turbo

Is it for you?

This model is actually fine for anyone. It’s extremely dexterous and versatile and can work on both long and short beards. In our experience however, there are probably better models (ie the Philips 9100) for coarse beards or beard that are of a ‘harsher’ nature.

Do we love it?

Overall, we absolutely love this trimmer. It is on the one hand sleek, sexy, beautiful to look at and every design twist has been put there to fulfil a specific function. On the other hand, it is a powerful machine with a whopper battery and an insanely powerful vacuum and fan that takes the stress out of cleaning up the bathroom area once you ‘ve finished your trim.

You can check out our full review here.

Number Three: Philips Norelco 5100

Philips Norelco 5100 Beard Trimmer ReviewOk, time for us to be straight with you all here – we are NOT being paid by Philips to put their trimmers at number one AND two. The fact of the matter is that they have magnificent blades out there at the moment.

Think of the Philips Norelco 5100 as being the 9100’s little brother, but not a puny little brother. It can still kick absolutely everyone else’s ass. It lacks the laser (which isn’t essential) and the suction but everything else is the exact same really.

  • It looks amazing. The blue body takes over from the 9100’s black body and it has a grey and orange band in the middle as opposed to the 9100’s red.
  • Self-cleaning blades!!! AGAIN – WE LOVE THEM!
  • Dual-sided technology enabling a perfect shave
  • Only 90 minutes to charge and lasts for an hour.

This is the most popular beard trimmer on the market at the moment, what with it having all of the essential stuff that makes the 9100 great without the awesome but ultimately unnecessary bells and whistles, and we love it. I don’t think this will be going away QUITE yet, but Philips have a tendency to get rid of their older trimmers even when they are (arguably) their best ones and are the best selling electric razor of all time.

Check out our full Philips Norelco 5100 review here or just head straight to the Amazon user reviews here.

Do We Love It?

Oh HELLS yeah. It’s super affordable for what you get included. I mean you would be a really moany person to think that this isn’t good value for money.


The Battery: The lithium battery is really really great. It keeps its charge for a long time and even if you don’t use it for a while and it’s just sitting in the bathroom or the bedroom, it’s not going to lose charge. You will be able to get a number of trims with this baby before you will need to recharge it.

The Dual Comb: The detail that it affords is actually seriously impressive. The detail in the 9100 is better, as it has that laser functionality, but the dual sided comb will give you all the precision and the exact style that you’re looking for.

It also has a very satisfying SNAP when it goes into place. It’s not going to fly off it’s position and trim you bald unexpectedly. The trim and shave is comfortable throughout, as the combs are rounded slightly in parts.

The Setting Dial: The way that you can simply dial in the desired length of the trim is such a handy concept, and it sure as hell beats having lots of different blades and razors for different styles and lengths. Thank you for this, Philips! A very classy touch indeed.

Ease of Cleaning: Is there an easier trimmer to clean? I’m not sure, as with the 5100 you just have to quickly put it under running water (preferably warm but not hot or cold) and voila, it is done! It isn’t water-proof per se though, so don’t be doing anything like using it in the shower or the bath. That wouldn’t be an overly smart thing to do really.

Voltage: This bad bow has got POWER. We like power a lot here at My Man Beard, and the fact that it can come in both 120 volts and 240 volts is a great feature. This means that you don’t need to carry any sort of adapter if you’re travelling. It’s ideal!

Number Four: Philips Norelco 7300

Philips Norelco 4070To round off the top three is yet another Philips. That’s just the way it is right now but could change if one of the other big boys come up with something to rival the current Philips’ crop in terms of design, value, cutting capabilities and battery life.

The Philips Norelco 7300 is slightly behind the top two, but is still a top-notch piece of kit.

  • One of the absolute best batteries around
  • Has a really handy turbo setting
  • It’s integrated vacuum system makes it very easy to maintain
  • Stylish design

Overall, the Norelco 7300 won’t let you down and is amazing value for the price. We also have a Norelco 7200 review, which is the AWESOME newer version of the 7300.

Why you need a Beard Trimmer

beardWe all know that the beard has undergone a resurgence in recent times, and to this we say HURRAH! What a time to be alive. There’s nothing we like to see more than a man going about his day with poise and style sporting one.

What we do not like to see are unkempt and uneven looks, making it’s owner look lazy, messy and uncool.

In order to steer clear of this tragic look, you will need a trimmer. It is an absolute must. No you need it hear this. IT IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST.

The best thing about having a bushy face is that you can go all out and buy as many complimentary products as you want, but you can also have great facial hair without all of these extras. You CANNOT, however, have a great beard without a great electric shaver.

Ok, glad that’s out of the way! Now that you are educated in these arts, you are probably wondering how you can find the best beard trimmer for you.

Finding the Right Beard Trimmer for you

They come in all shapes and sizes, much like beards. Some are exceptionally fancy with settings you didn’t even know existed, and others are very simple ‘on-off’ style devices that do a simple job. The style of electric razor you buy will depend on whether you have thick, average or thin facial hair, and of course, your budget.

Some things to consider

    • Are there any accessories included? The very top razors will have a few extras tagged on with the deal
    • Is the battery rechargeable or will you need to buy batteries?
    • What is your budget?
    • Know how to use it. This beard trimmer guide on Men’s Health has a good outline.


We obviously don’t need to go on too much about this. If you are on this site then you are a man of quality, but just so you’re sure – we don’t bother to review bad quality trimmers on this website. Some will be better than others, but all have a base quality that allow them to feature here.

In terms of brand, any of the everyday big brand names that you’ll recognize (Philips/Braun/Panasonic etc) are for the most part always of good quality.

It’s also important to note that Philips have led the way in this industry for a long time. Their line of products is incredibly impressive and they are consistently ahead of the game.

Of course it’s not just the trimmer quality that will help your beard. You need to adequately know how to go about maintaining a beard also.


This is where you come in. Not all men of quality have an endless man-purse. We understand that. We, in fact, are just that kind of man. Being discerning is a quality that you should be proud of, gents! You can get a fantastic trimmer for under $30 (we’ve seen them), and it really increases from there.

When it comes to electrical goods, we’re sure that you know the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’. The top end pricewise will also be the top end quality-wise.

That said, any product you see reviewed or commented on here is of good quality, as we just do not waste our time with the bad stuff.

User Reviews

Head over to Amazon, and chances are that the razor you are looking for will feature there. Reading what other people thought of the product they bought will help aid your decision, and indeed will give you a great chance of finding the best electric shaver for you.

At the end of the day, nobody will like the same trimmer, but the user reviews will definitely give you an idea of what you should be looking for in a shaver.

Our Approval

Of course, we think that our opinion is right up there with the best, and therefore we recommend that you take a mosy over to our beard trimmer reviews, where you will be treated to a detailed breakdown of all of the main shavers on the market.

What Are Beard Trimmers Used For?

man with beard and glassesWell, the obvious answer is that they are used to trim the hair on your face, but a discerning gentleman such as yourself will be interested in the finer details.

There are various types. Some will be very cheap and basic but can still do quite a good job, whereas others will have special features such as being able to suck up clipped hair and will have lots of different settings to give you more control over the final look. (It’s worth pointing out here that good trimming will only get you so far. A good beard care kit is important to maintaining the quality of your beard also.)

The main benefit of owning one of them is that it allows you to own a beard but still look neat and tidy. You don’t have to shave and you can still not be considered as unkempt and untidy. In fact, a man who is well groomed obviously puts a lot more effort into looking tidy than a clean shaven man, who simply has to quickly shave in the morning, and so that should be commended – all the more reason to purchase the best one possible for your needs.

The majority work the exact same way as the shavers you see in barber shops. There does exist a few ultra-luxury products that can work on your hair and face, but for the most part, the beard trimmer reviews you will see on this page target those specifically designed for the hair on your face.

They’re designed to work effortlessly around the many curves or your face, to ensure you get a smooth and even trim throughout the face.

B&W BeardAll trimmers of a good enough quality to be featured here on this website should come with a high quality blade and a number of different attachments. The blade and attachments are essentially the most important aspect of a shaver, as these will give you the most control to decide and carry out the look you want.

Sometimes they may come as cordless or with a cord. Again, the question here is one of control. If you don’t travel a lot and always shave and trim in the same location, a cord may not bother you, but for the travelling gent, this won’t be an ideal scenario. The corded trimmers usually tend to be a tad more powerful, but are not as transportable.

In the cordless section, you may get rechargeable battery powered models or ones that have disposable batteries. The rechargeable models will cost you a bit more from the start, but could save you in the long run.

It’s Important that it Suits YOUR NEEDS

This is a vital point. The razors on the market at the moment are complex and sophisticated machines, designed to be personalized and customized. Facial hair, or indeed a lack of one, is a personal decision, and the only person who knows what you are looking for in detail is you and you alone.

It’s all about details. Take your time to go through the different models before you make a final decision. We have made our reviews as detailed and yet as easy to read and follow as possible, but in the end the decision is yours. Perhaps you would like to start with our Top Shavers of 2017. This has a list of the absolute finest electric shavers on the market right now that will be at the top of their game for the next year.

AND, if you STILL don’t take our word for it, we have a list of some amazing beard websites.

Check the Attachments

These are (in our opinion at least) the most vital aspect of getting the look you want. Possessing a large array of attachments will give you so much more in terms of what you want. It also allows you to experiment with different looks by using different attachments. Want to alter the thickness, depth or cheekline? If you have enough attachments, you can do this (with a steady hand and a bit of skill of course).

If we HAD to pick five of the finest on the market, it would be these. We toiled over this list and indeed it MAY CHANGE many times. I actually just got two new trimmers into my possession, which I will be trying out soon, so perhaps one of them will sneak in!