Product Review: Beard Pioneer Frontier

Beard Pioneer

And so we come to another review of a small artisan Beard Oil producer, and this time we go to Canterbury in the UK and to Beard Pioneer.

As you guys might know, we’re big fans of getting sent stuff PROPERLY. Our last review, Breaking Beard Company, sent us their oil and balm in a fantastic box filled with wood shavings along with a business card and a personalized message. WAY TO START OFF ON THE WINNING FOOT! Oh, they also forwarded on high-res quality photos of their product, taking all the hassle away from the reviewer.

Obviously, you can tell we were impressed. Luckily, their product was good too, and that helped.

This time we were also sent product in a nice way. Perhaps not as nice as Breaking Beard Company but albeit way nicer than most (indeed most of the BIGGER producers, even). The first thing I noticed personally is that the branding is really nice. I like the logo, I like the name, overall I like the look of it initially.

Yeah, I hear you all giving out – who cares about this, you shout! Well, I do, and they should too. It is a business after all, and starting off on the right foot is important. Beard Pioneer did this.

So What’s It Like?

We got sent the Frontier scent by Beard Pioneer. Once I opened the bottle and had a sniff, I knew that these guys like to take the time with proper ingredients and oils. It smelled wonderful actually – woody, fresh, and masculine.

The main thing I liked about the oil is that it smelled like beard oil is meant to smell. There was no silly and pointless experimentation with nonsense ingredients. They kept it simple and they do simple really well.

After using this for a week, I was convinced it was as good if not better than the oil I was using at the time (which I’m not going to reveal as we’ll be reviewing that next month) and the skin around my beard was a whole lot less itchy and dry. Plus, it smelled great and kept it’s scent for most of the day.


I love the way it smells like a forest in a way. They have their ingredients listed as the following:

Juniper Berry
Cedar Wood
Sweet Almond

il_570xN.762467342_qegdThat’s a strong list, and I must say that, as someone who favours a woody and ‘outdoorsy’ scent in my beard oil, this was right to my taste. I understand that bros who prefer citrus or fruit scents may prefer something different, but even so, I would implore you to check this out as it is guaranteed to be as good as the market leaders.


The final point is indeed a nod to the market leaders, which is what I do NOT think Beard Pioneer will be in their current set up.

Firstly, they only have an Etsy shop (?!) which is definitely a strange one as Etsy is not the first place a guy would go looking for beard oil. The reason why these small suppliers are not on Amazon always baffles me to the core. Amazon is a selling machine, and it’s where the majority of beard bros go to buy their oils.

They also don’t have a website. Yes, they ONLY have an Etsy shop. This has to be fixed soon.

Ok, so I know I went on a lot about the ‘business’ side of Beard Pioneer, but I did business in University, and these things are important. The main reason I went on about it so much is that I actually want this beard oil to succeed. It is a kickass product.

It’s done all of the difficult things well – it has a great brand, quality bottle and, most importantly, the quality of the product is top notch. You can tell that these dudes go to a lot of trouble in ensuring that what’s in the bottle is going to benefit the purchaser.

If they do some of the simpler things right, they are absolutely on to a winner.

It’s listed as just over €18, which translates as about $20, but that could change due to postage and packaging. But we know you want quality, and that’s what this is. They ship worldwide.

Check out Beard Pioneer on their Etsy site now