Top 5 Best Beard Oil For Growth And More! – (2018!)

Leven Rose Beard Oil

Updated: January 2nd 2018

We all love growing beards here, right? I mean, it’s such an easy task. In fact, it’s one of the easiest tasks we can ask of ourselves. Refrain from shaving.

That’s pretty much it. Just stop. Get up, hop in the shower, get dressed, go about your day.


Anyone who has grown a beard and had it for a long time knows that the growing phase is the honeymoon stage of the beard growing process. There’s nothing to worry about, just be lazy.

However, maintaining your facial hair is not something that should be taken lightly or ignored. It’s vital for the health of your beard, skin and face that you know how to look after your beard. It needs to be looked after and conditioned properly, and you need to have a few beard trimmers, or at least one good one.

You can use beard oil and beard balm to condition your beard. Don’t know what that is? Then hit up our fact pages on each:

1. What Beard Oil is

2. What is Beard Balm

We’re going to be focussing on the best beard oil in this article. Honestly, if you’re not sure what it is at all, then read the article we’ve linked above OR this great article in the Huffington Post.

Here, we have listed our very favourite oils. We will give you a list of the top three and a detailed description of each. Pretty good of us yeah?

Leven Rose Beard OilBearded Bastard’s Woodman Oil$$4.5
BeardBrand-SpicedCitrus2Beardbrand Spiced Citrus Beard Oil$$4.4
Woodsman Beard OilLeven Rose Organic Beard Oil

Now as an educated gent you are well aware that beard oil WILL improve your facial hair’s health and it’s appearance. It will also make your day that bit nicer because they smell fantastic.

Without further ado, THE LIST.

5 Best Beard Oils To Get!

No1: The Woods Man Beard Oil

Woods Man Beard Oil

The Woods Man Beard Oil Review

This is our favourite beard oil – period. It’s wonderful in pretty much all aspects of judging a beard oil. There is an amazing woody scent from this brand of beard oil, and it will have you feeling at least 50% manlier than you felt before you applied the oil to your shrub.

People will definitely notice that you have beard oil when they take a scent of your beard. We’ve used a huge amount of great beard oils but this is our favourite.

Ingredients; Safflower, Almond, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Argan, Castor, and Olive Oil. Scented with Texas Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Pine Needle Oil.

Overall, this is getting amazing reviews online.

No2: Beardbrand Spiced Citrus Oil


If you would rather have your beard smelling fresh and vibrant as opposed to tree-like and woody, then this is the beard for you. Beardbrand always use the very best of ingredients and this oil will both have your beard smelling fresh AND stay healthy for a long time. The skin on your face will thank you for this moisturising tonic of beard.

If you have a prickly beard in particular, I have found that this oil will soften that up better than anything else (I think it’s the jojoba). Trust me, try it out on your sharper stubble.

Ingredients – Jojoba, Almond, Grapeseed, Castor, and Essential Oils

No 3: Leven Rose Beard Oil

Leven Rose Beard Oil

The Leven Rose Beard Oil is one of the absolute best beard oils in the business, but I must say, it could be branded a bit better, don’t you think?

Look at the other two oils mentioned before this one? They just look that teeny tiny bit better, and I think that goes a long way in getting people to like their products. But hey, don’t judge a book by its cover right?

This beard oil is fragrance free, which is why we have included it in this list as our #3 best beard oil. We’re aware that some guys want to use beard oil but are not too keen on the scented kinds because of a myriad of reasons. For example, a common complaint is that it will mess with their aftershave and give a weird mixture of scent. Personally, we don’t believe that to be the case, because beard oil scent is really only for those who get very close to your beard, but anyway, your choice!

This is a fantastically moisturising oil. Again, I think it’s the jojoba in it. It absorbs quickly and the handy dropper will allow you to measure the amount of oil you use.

Ingredients: Unrefined golden jojoba oil and cold pressed Moroccan Argan oil.

It has great reviews, which isn’t surprising.

No 4: The Freshman Beard Oil: Spearmint & Eucalyptus

Freshman Beard OilThe Freshman Beard Oil is the brand that helps promote beard growth more than any others. I dunno if it is actually better at promoting beard growth, but a lot of the reviews mention this aspect of the product.

The scent of spearmint and eucalyptus in your beard all day will genuinely make you feel fresher and manlier. Who wouldn’t want that?

It will stop your beard itching as well, hugely. I found that it calms beard itch better than any other brand of beard oil. If you want to see the latest prices and reviews, click below…

No 5: Mountaineer Brand Natural Beard Oil

Mountaineer Beard Oil WV TimberThe main reason that this beard oil is here is due to it’s value. If you’re looking to get into beard oil but don’t want to spend too much on your first go, then this is the beard oil for you.

It will do everything that you want a high quality beard oil to do and at about $10 a pop.

Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, almond oil, castor oil, cedar and fir needle oil


Beard oil isn’t something easily picked up in your local store. It can be quite hard to find it, and that’s why we wrote a guide on where to buy beard oil.

PS: Feel like making your own? Why not try out your own DIY Beard Oil? That article is the absolute best resource, but expect it to be many instances of trial and error. If you get it first time, we would be shocked. You never know though, and we’re eternal optimists 😉

Thanks gents!