Product Review: Breaking Beard Company Beard Oil & Balm

Breaking Beard Company

The Breaking Beard Company are a small independent producer of beard oils and balms. We were lucky enough to get a package from these guys a few weeks ago, and we dutifully sent it on to one of our reviewers – here it is!

So today I received a very well put together package from the Breaking Beard Company that contained a 10ml beard oil and 30ml of beard balm, and a personalised card. These guys make an instantly good impression with this personal touch, which is a lot better than some established brands!

Breaking Beard Company

That was about two weeks ago, and so I temporarily switched from my Honest Amish wax and Mountaineer beard oil and moved onto these to see how they stacked up.

Breaking Beard Company Beard Oil

The oil has three carrier oils – sweet almond oil, argan oil and jajoba oil. I was glad to see this mixture as I think a lot of the bases are covered with these carriers. Sweet almond is particularly good for rough and dry skin (which I have) and so this gets a resounding yes from me from the outset. I’ve always wondered why more beard oils don’t use almond oil.

Breaking Beard OilThe ingredients included in this oil (which seems to be their only oil thus far) are as follows:

• Tea tree
• Lavender
• Pepper black
• Ylang ylang
• Vitamin e oil

The addition of vitamin E oil promotes hair growth, which is another beneficial aspect to the oil.

On the ingredient front, it ticks most of the boxes I would look for in a quality oil. It also smells great and is long lasting. I used it in the morning before 10am and it would last most of the day. Indeed, I got a few comments on the scent of it which is always a good sign!

Overall, the oil is a great one. I would recommend it to anyone. There are a few things I would change personally, but this is more to do with the branding (which I don’t like) more than the actual product itself.

If you want to pick it up, they ship worldwide. They’re not an Amazon (I don’t understand that, because Amazon are a selling machine!) but if you would like to pick up this oil, MyManBeard readers have a special subscription code MYMANBEARD for 15% off!

Pick It Up Here

Breaking Beard Company Beard Balm

Moving on to their beard balm, and this has the same forgettable and overly-busy packaging and labeling, but let’s not worry too much about that and get to the actual stuff inside the tin.

Breaking Beard Balm

The ingredients are as follows:

• Shea Butter
• Beeswax
• Sweet almond oil
• Argan oil
• Vitamin E oil
• Tea Tree
• Lavendar
• Ylang Ylang

So with such a similar ingredient list to the beard oil, it is obviously going to have a similar scent. Thankfully this is a great thing, because it smells wonderful.

The balm itself is a nice consistency, and scoops easily onto the nail. I’ve been using it now for two weeks and I really really like it. I’m going to continue using this until it’s gone and hopefully then they’ll be up on Amazon and I’ll buy more!

These guys obviously have a passion for quality, and it’s great to see such a fledgling operation thrive in the quality department. I’m sure they’ll get more success with a better distribution chain in the future.

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A really great surprise was that Patrick, the guy behind the Breaking Beard Company, contacted us to inform us that he has a new line coming out soon, with new packaging. Check out some of the photos below, and go out and purchase some of Breaking Beard Company’s products with our discount code!

Breaking Beard Company Breaking Beard Company