Philips Norelco 7200 Beard Trimmer Review

Philips Norelco 7200

Philips Norelco 7200



    Battery Life




        Tugging Issues





            • Provides good grip
            • Sophisticated and neat design
            • Charges in one hour
            • Provides 80 mins of runtime
            • Cuts Well


            • Does not have an adjustable Turbo
            • Closest cut at 0.5mm

            Updated 2 January 2018

            The Philips Norelco range has had a great run over many years and has earned a reputation of being simply one of the best beard trimmers on the market. I have been a fan of the trademark Philips quality and great design for years and I just immediately latched on to the vacuum system when Phillips first introduced in their trimmers.

            The Norelco range has more than lived up to its reputation of trimming your beard fast, with just no fuss and great results, so I was very keen to test and review the Norelco 7200.
            Here’s my review of the Norelco 7200: (Oops, spoiler alert: I love it)

            Design: 9.5/10

            A sleeker look than the previous models, but it still gives a solid grip which is necessary for trimming thicker beards. It has a slightly more sophisticated design with a nice high-tech, satin chrome finish and that ‘I really mean business’ look. It comes with a convenient pouch to store the combs and second trimmer blade. To be honest, the first time I saw it I was just a little tempted to use it as a microphone in the shower.

            Battery Life: 9.5/10

            philips norelco 7200As you know, I truly dislike having to charge my gadgets and then waiting around for it to be ready again, so I am always looking for a battery that will last forever and that I can recharge (if I really must) in minutes (still looking, let me know if you have found one).

            The Norelco 7200 gives you a Lithium-Ion battery that they say can run up to 80 minutes, and although I have spoiled the experiment by being uncharacteristically proactive with the charging bit, I think the battery life comes pretty close to that. It recharges in just 1 hour, up to full charge. That’s slightly better than the previous Norelco 7300 and much better than some of the competitors in the same class.

            You can use it while on the charger which is perfect for when your “charging procrastination” gets the better of your day and you end up with a completely spent battery.
            The Lithium-ion battery is not just more power-efficient; it also gives more zest to the actual trimming operation, delivering a very satisfactory performance.

            The battery indicator is pretty helpful to remind me to plan ahead, so you won’t go on an extended trip and get stuck without a charger. The indicator light changes to orange when it needs to be charged, flashes white while charging, and gives a steady white light when it is fully charged.

            Cutting Capabilities 9.9/10

            We all know the dangers  of not having a good razor and what that can mean for your skin .

            It is probably the best beard trimmer for its price on the market, and again it is the Dual Sided technology that gives it the edge.

            The lift & trim technology that guides the cutting process actually lifts and guides hairs for a more efficient cut. The self-sharpening steel blades are perfectly positioned to cut each hair effectively which prevents skin irritation from tugging. This same technology also ensures a more uniform trim because it guides more hairs per pass. It’s perfect for thicker beards.

            The blades are double-sharpened which means they can cut more hairs per individual pass than other blades. This makes for faster trimming as you only need one pass over that iron chin of yours. This is great for preventing nicks whilst shaving.

            Moreover, the comb attachment has rounded tips to evenly capture and trim hair without irritating your skin.

            There are 20 built-in length settings for the trimmer. Simply select your preferred trim length by turning the zoom wheel until the desired length appears on 0.5 to 10mm indicator.
            The blades are state-of-the-art and are made from stainless steel and like the other trimmers in this range you don’t have to oil them.

            Tugging Issues: 9.7/10

            I’ve loved the Norelco series from the start, and the Norelco 7200 is no exception. It just doesn’t tug hair. Just select your setting on the wheel which locks the blade comb into that position you want and buzz away. Since the Lithium-Ion battery provides more power than ever before this trimmer just cuts whatever you are cultivating on your chin with ridiculous ease.

            The now-famous ‘lift and trim’ technology lifts individual hairs and guides them into the correct position for a superior cut. You never need to go back to the same spot for a second time.
            The rounded contour comb technology reduces friction and is designed to deliver a skin friendly and more even trim.

            Maintenance: 9.5/10

            philips norelco 7200Washable heads – just empty the hair chamber and rinse the comb and blades and comb in cool water. Philips has added a cleaning brush with which you can whisk away any loose hairs. They say you should clean the whisker compartment after every use, but I don’t always do that, and it has not come to any harm.

            Self-sharpening blades is a much better feature than a ‘self-cleaning oven’, which is a long story, entirely off-topic, and will not be discussed on this blog. Sorry, Sweetheart! There is a long-term saving on blades as the 7200’s blades sharpen themselves on each other. You will never have to change blades to keep getting that clean trim you’re already getting.

            Other Features & Accessories

            If you have a beard, it means you have a mustache (with a few notable exceptions like the “chinstrap”). The Norelco 7200 comes with two trimmer blade heads that are interchangeable for beard trimming or detail work. I quickly use the standard width and just switch to trim specific smaller areas. The 7200 makes detail work on your goatee really easy because the trimmer setting works independently of the height adjustment wheel and has two attachable combs that will give you either 3mm or 5mm trimming lengths. Just click on the precision trimmer selector to finish up your style.

            Philips backs the Norelco 7200 with a 5-year warranty offer. Additionally, the trimmer is compatible with all worldwide voltages so that’s one fewer thing to worry about if you are planning to criss-cross Europe next summer.

            I particularly like that it is so easy to check the beard height adjustment as it lights up on the selection switch.

            philips norelco 7200The 7200 does not have an adjustable Turbo speed like its predecessor, the 7300, but the one-speed setting feels like the Turbo setting on the 7300, and the speed is just right for what I need doing. The vacuum suction technology has no problem keeping up with sucking up the whisker ends at this brisk pace.

            As before, the integrated vacuum system lets you clean up without messing up. No hairs in the sink – or just a few little bitty ends – which is a win in any household. The high-velocity suction technology catches the trimmed hair and collects it in a neat container that is easy to clean out as needed.

            What’s It Missing?

            If you need a 0.2mm stubble trim, this is not the product for you. The closest it gets is 0.5mm.


            The Norelco range looks set to remain a favorite for years to come. The 7200 delivers a fast, comfortable trim, has many useful features to make beard trimming faster and better, and will keep many a fellow hairy gentleman and me in great shape at a modest price. It delivers on its predecessor’s tradition of great value and has already earned a spot on my list of favorites.

            We hope you enjoyed this Philips Norelco 7200 beard trimmer review.