Best Beard Websites/Blogs – The Best of the Net


We’re constantly striving to bring you all you will ever need to know about the good and bad things that come with owning a beard. Of course we think we do a good job here at giving advice, but we’ve collated our favourite list of the best beard websites and blogs that you all may enjoy browsing.

The first two seem to be the big boys in the industry and are filled with wonderful content on all aspects of styling, shaping, growing and more, and the rest are the other sites we run to for our fix on what’s new.


If you own a beard and have EVER gone online looking for information on them, you surely will have come across

It’s the ol’ boy of beards websites, and should be given your utmost respect. Just look at their manifesto:

The purpose of this site is to increase awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the beard. The intended audience is anyone who has any interest in or curiosity about beards.

Beautifully said from the daddy of them all:

What you won’t find here are things like oils, balms and beard conditioner reviews (we have that covered) but everything else is covered there as the daddy of them all. The best thing about the site is that they have an extensive list of types of beard.

2. Urban Beardsman

This is the slickest and probably the best beard blog on the net. It looks great and this is definitely the one-stop shop for interviews with some incredibly interesting dudes. It’s affiliated with Beardbrand founder and all-around beard hero Eric Bandholtz and is overall a gorgeous site filled with magic.

Think of it as more of lifestyle magazine for the modern man, with none of the nonsense that description might conjure up.


3. Rugged Fellows Guide

Rugged Fellow’s Guide is a site that teaches the bearded man how to be a gentleman in today’s day and age. As well as beard info, they also have sections on fitness and men’s fashion. We highly recommend their content, and we took inspiration for our best cream for growing a beard post from them!

4. Bearduary

This site is great fun. It’s wonderfully written, for a start, and sells gorgeous BRIGHT ORANGE tees. They post photos of beards and have a beard of the week, and they’ve great tips on shaping a beard. They also have a donate option, and it’s worth a dollar or two for the quality of the writing alone. I mean just read this:

Bearduary then, is a bona fide celebration of the tradition and beauty of the beard, the outward expression of man’s inner soul. A time of transformation and an opportunity for unfettered contemplation.

That’s absolutely amazing! If you’re having a bad day, we cannot recommend enough you visiting and drinking it in.

5. Zeus Beard Blog

This is a regularly updated blog with all sorts of information and ‘how to’ guides to help you tame your beard. It’s nice and visual, and they also sell products. We haven’t tried any of them yet, but the branding looks great and we’ve heard people raving about them before, so check them out.

In any case, their blog is really great.

6. Can You Handlebar

canyouhandlebar.comCan You Handlebar have a number of successful products on the market but they also have a pretty great blog.

A personal favourite is their great recent post on warming your moustache wax. They know their stuff. Check them out!

They also have guides on how to trim a beard with scissors like ourselves.

7. Titlebeard

This guy writes well about beards. In his Beard Advice column, he walks you through the process of growing a beard, from the initial thought of growing one, through to maintenance and he even deals with the difference between beards in summer and in winter and how to care for them properly during both. He also has some great tips on beard grooming (like us).

He walks the walk as well as talking the talk – his beard is a sight to behold.

These are just a few that we really like and are reading at the moment. Have we missed out on any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to check them out. Any website that promotes the fact that beards are awesome is good in our book.

In fact, we want to add to this over time, so that this resource page can be your one-stop shop to find out the best beard sites on the net.

Til next time!