Maintaining Your Beard: Doing it The Right Way

Updated 2 January 2018

A long beard is something every man craves for at a certain point in his life, and while questions are often directed towards the growing process, those who have been there and done that know the real story. In essence, growing a long beard is only the first part of the journey. The problem lies in effectively maintaining and styling your beard. Many have grown a full size beard only to ruin it later on by not giving it sufficient care – that’s back to square one. Maintaining it may be difficult at first, but when armed with the right set of techniques, it generally is a breeze. This write up will serve as a comprehensive guide on how to maintain a beard.

The Initial Stages

The first thing you need to do is get rid of all those shaving blades and trimmers – at least for a few months. Just forget about them. Live raw, live free. Let the beard express itself. Do not start shaping it too soon, you might end up trimming more than you should. You have to allow the beard to grow well in order to operate on it. Don’t worry about how to maintain a beard at this point of time. After four weeks, you have two choices. You can continue to let this beard grow majestically, or you can prepare for the mighty mow and let it take shape. You need to get your trimmer now! Don’t have one? We have reviewed them all right here.

If you’re not sure on what type of style suits your face, let’s do some soul searching first.

  1. If you have a square face, the most important thing is to not grow a beard that will overwhelm your face. Decide on a style that is more easy going.
  1. If you have an oval face, the ratio will be fine for all sorts of styles. If you like knobs, congratulations – thats the style you should be going for.
  1. If you have a triangular face with a very pronounced chin, it is best to disguise some of that disproportion with a full beard – as this adds some volume.

Now, choose your style according to the guidelines listed above for the best results. Remember, you don’t want to do all that hard work and later repent for not getting your look right. Decide on what looks best for you now. Get a blueprint ready for each step of the process. You won’t be the last time someone has had abnormal growth due to a wrong approach.

Optimal Beard Maintenance

Let’s get down to the maintenance part. Here are some tips on how to maintain a beard:

Firstly, the secret behind good facial hair maintenance is an equally nutritious diet. The human hair is made up of protein, fat and variants of vitamin B. So in order to achieve the best beard possible, include loads of eggs, nuts and milk in your daily diet. You could also try considering supplements if you’re suffering from poor growth. It’s worth noting that lots of people unknowingly suffer from a B12 deficiency, so that supplement will only help your beard growth.

To keep your beard and your mustache at uniform length, remember to trim once or twice a week depending on the speed of the growth of your hair or style that you have adopted. If you choose to trim your facial hair with a trimmer, choose a mower with a strong angle. The more the angle increases, the better the mower will marry the shape of your face. This will give a uniform coat length across your facial hair. Also, it is advisable to use scissors to trim your mustache. The scissors must be perfectly sharp so as to not create poor trimming. If you decide to let your mustache grow, use some wax to give it shape. In all cases, make sure that you don’t let hair fall on your upper lip.

why-to-comb-your-beardTo prevent your hair from growing out of control and to avoid knots, make it a habit to comb your beard regularly. A good brushing in the morning helps to stimulate blood circulation in the cheeks and irrigate your hair more easily. To do this effectively, comb your beard in the direction of hair gently. Repeat this throughout the day as often as needed. Avoid combing your hair with a plastic comb because static electricity generated by the comb greatly favors the formation of knots.

To moisturize your hair and your skin, apply a few drops of oil beard every morning. Choose the right oil for your hair type for optimal results. To remove residues and contaminants such as food, wash your facial hair with a suitable shampoo. After your shampoo, use a fabric softener to restore natural pH and close the cuticles of your hair. By doing so, your hair will instantly find flexibility.

Taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of your beard or mustache, as a hydrated skin will facilitate better comfort levels and allow better growth. Use a moisturizing balm as a mask once a week, preferably after trimming to give your overall look a boost. If the length of your beard permits, use a scrub to remove dead skin and impurities clogging the pores. If you have sensitive skin, opt for safe or organic products. Be sure to use only small amounts during the initial use to assess the results, because even if the products are marketed as safe, they sometimes contain agents that can harm your skin. Perform circular movements, using a scrub brush to avoid weakening your hair. A scrub every 2 to 3 weeks is recommended for proper beard maintenance.


A beard is so much more than just facial hair. It’s widely revered around the world and has volumes of text written over its significance in multiple cultures around the world. Several ancient civilizations grew facial hair not because they didn’t have the means to get rid of it – but due to the fact that it meant something special for them. It had a spiritual significance. But scientifically speaking, a beard is often known to attract certain kinds of women. It’s inevitable that you’ll end up with a beard for some part of your life just for the heck of it – whether you like it or not. Until that time comes, bookmark this page hit the sack!