How to Trim a Beard with Scissors

Tweezerman His Moustache Scissors with Comb

Last updated: 2nd January 2018

Ok – there are two probably scenarios here…

Having a good trimmer is the most important thing in having a good looking beard. Here’s a scenario: your trusty electric shaver has broken down (need a new one?), given up the ghost, gone to service the great bearded one in the sky. You need to trim quickly but how can you without your tool? It is times like these that remind you it is necessary to know how to trim a beard with scissors.

When presented with this situation, don’t fret gent, it will ruin your casual yet relaxed disposition. Fine men such as yourself have been sporting exceptional facial hair for much longer than the beard trimmer has been around. You of all people should know to respect technology, but not to place all of your resourcefulness in it. Grab a scissors and get to work.

If you don’t have a good comb, we have a very in-depth article on the best beard combs around.

RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: Tweezerman His Moustache Scissors with Comb

Tweezerman His Moustache Scissors with CombHere at we whole-heartedly recommend the Tweeerman Mustache Scissors and Comb. They come in a pair and are the best on the market at the moment. It’s a beautiful bit of kit and is perfect for making sure you look good on the go. Yeah – if you own this high-quality scissors then you SHOULD carry it around with you on the go. You’re just that cool.

It is the best beard trimmer in our opinion (of the non-electric variety, of course). We actually asked our mate Mike to write a short review of the product, seeing as his moustache is a thing of beauty and his absolute pride and joy. We bought them for him for his birthday and gave him a month with them, and this is his review…

Right, let’s get started. As the guys said above (on my behalf) this a great combination. I got these for my birthday along with some Honest Amish balm and wow, it just makes looking good easy!

Scissors: They are super sharp and exacting. You won’t find yourself with a dull set of scissors, they’re absolute quality. What I also really like about them is that the finger holes are large and the quality of the steel itself makes you feel as if you’re holding on to a real thing of quality (which you are). The preciseness of the scissors have allowed me to change style frequently and overall, they just allow for me to trim my mustache really quickly, efficiently and easily. They are super nimble in the hand.

Comb: Again, it’s brilliant, and looks tasty! It’s very small, functional and perfect for a beard and mustache comb really. My mustache is usually pretty full and BIG and the comb works through this perfectly.

Conclusion: Overall, there’s no magic to these two products. They’re a wonderful set and I would recommend that any of you bros pick up. My only slight annoyance is that it doesn’t come with some sort of holder, but don’t let that deter you – just keep it in your inside blazer pocket!

Thanks for the birthday present dudes (although you DID get a review out of me).


If Mike’s endorsement wasn’t enough to convince you, head straight to Amazon to check user reviews.

PROTIP: Yes, sometimes beard trimmers do pack up and die, but it is always (ALWAYS) a sound investment to have a high quality pair of barber’s scissors in your travel/wash bag. Any proper beard enthusiast will carry one.

The second scenario is that you’re just not into beard trimmers at all. While we do understand that some of you are proper cavemen who like to do things the old-fashioned way (old-fashioned, you say?) but we must say that although you can make your beard look breathtaking with a scissors, it’s a big investment in time using this method over and over again, and perhaps you should rethink your attitude on beard trimmers.

Hup ya pup – scissors time!

Back in the day (we’re talking as far back to the GREEKS, let alone the Romans) people had beards. Just take a look at some of the portraits or sculptures of these dudes. They had immensely powerful beards. BY THE BEARD OF ZEUS.

Here’s Zeus


Going forward in time past the Greeks and Romans, and eventually beards became very neat and tidy. In fact, a lot more so than today, where a more rugged look is fashionable. These men of the past more than likely used a crude scissors or blade to make themselves look ravishing. Let’s follow in their footsteps as modern men and trim our beards with scissors every once in a while, perhaps whilst listening to your favourite symphony on vinyl, just for extra effect.

How to Trim a Beard With Scissors

Step 1: Wash Your Beard

Give that shrub a thorough wash. Whether it be just water (in that case make sure it’s lukewarm to avoid frizz), or with your beard soap that you bring everywhere with you, make sure to wash it carefully. Afterwards, dry it thoroughly and make sure it’s not wet in the middle (depending on how large your beard is). You can use a hair dryer if you want, but it’s not necessary and actually isn’t recommended by this gentleman (currently sporting a very tight beard but used to have a right bush that never reacted positively to the hair dryer).

Step 2: Comb Your Beard

If you have a comb with wide enough teeth, that great, use it, because it will also be used in the cutting process. If not, that’s fine, but when you’re learning how to trim a beard with a scissors, it’s easier to have a beard comb of some sort. Beard combs are a little softer and so will not agrivate your skin as badly as traditional combs.

Step 3: Combing Technique

Firstly, comb the hair downwards. As in, comb down the chin in the direction of the hair, and when that’s done, do it the other way. This should give it a slightly frizzy look where it protrudes more so than usual.

Step 4: Cutting Side One

Start at a particular side. Take your time here now, as definition and patience is key here. Draw the comb gently through the hair at an angle, nipping off the desired length of hair that comes through the teeth of the comb. Take note of the amount of hair that protrudes from the comb on the first cut because this is the length you will want to continue with in order to get an even trim.

The biggest issue with trimming a beard with a scissors is overcutting. I’ve done it many’s a time before, and so try to be mindful that you really don’t need to chop that much off if you’re just looking for something tidy. Take a modest amount off and follow on from that evenly on the side you’re working on.

When your first side is done, comb through it a few times as well as going through it gently with your fingers.

Step 5: Cutting Side Two

Repeat the process of side one. You should now have a tighter and tidier beard on both sides with the chin area noticeably a little longer and unkempt.

Step 6: Trimming the chin with a scissors

This requires a bit of time and patience, as it can be awkward. Comb against the hair, so that it is frizzing a bit, and repeat the process with the comb and scissors as you did on the sides. Once you’ve gotten the desired length cut, your beard should look tidy, neat and even throughout.

Step 7: Washing your Beard

After achieving the desired look, it’s important to wash the beard thoroughly once again to avoid having tiny hairs getting into your clothes, food or bed – or worse, somebody elses clothes food or bed!

Step 8: Mansteurise or use Beard Oil

Just for that finishing touch. We recommend this one. We also have a pretty comprehensive list of all the beard conditioners you will need.

Step 9: Look at that wonderful face

You’re welcome.

You now know how to trim a beard with scissors. It’s a vital skill as believe me when I say you WILL get caught out having to look sharp and tidy without your trimmer. If you can get this stuff down, then you’ll have a valuable new skill. You can thank us later.